• SRF Plant

    Ipoh, Malaysia

  • Redevelopment of Resource Recovery Facility

    Adelaide, Australia

  • Tyre-shredding plant

    Adelaide, Australia

Material Recovery Facilities

Previously completed projects

    • Clients: ResourceCo, Tyrecycle, Suez
    • Scope of works: Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning
    • Websites: Please see ‘Recent Projects’ page

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OGTEC have successfully completed numerous Resource Recovery Facilities. Please see our ‘Recent Projects’ page for more information.

  • We can design plants to separate various fractions of waste streams ranging from commercial, industrial and household waste. Some separated factions form saleable products and the residual waste sent to landfill can be reduced to up to 90% by volume presenting clear financial and environmental advantages.
  • Refuse Derived Fuel, (RDF/SRF/PEF) plants are utilised to convert combustible fractions from Commercial, Industrial and household waste into a product which is used as a recycled fuel, an alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Tyre Derived Fuels -Tires can be reused in many ways, although most used tires are burnt for their fuel value. In the US alone, tires for both (“recycling and beneficial use”) existed for 80% of scrap tires, about 233 million tires per year.

Ogtec have delivered in many cases full support provisions for C&D, C&I, MSW and RDF/PEF waste handling plants in Ireland, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

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