• Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

    Various Sites,

  • Baler & Wrapper Upgrade

    Sydney, Australia

  • Resource Recovery Facility

    SITA-ResourceCo Adelaide

Material Recovery Facilities

Previously completed projects

  • Clients: ResourceCo, Tyrecycle, SITA
  • Scope of works: Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning
  • Websites: Please see ‘Recent Projects’ page


Project Services
  • Knowledge is as key to reducing costs, as technology is to improving economic viability. At OGTEC we can provide sound practical solutions to General Engineering and Bulk Material Handling problems.
  • All constraints are monitored intensively throughout projects, ie; Scope, Time, Quality & Objectives.
  • Contract and Tendering Procedures formation services available.
  • Optimization of project deliverables.
  • OH&S and Quality Control systems are used to assist in the management of works, assets and staff.
  • Project Management Systems are utilized to ensure our projects are delivered within the planned time constraints.

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