Plant Design Projects Completed by OGTEC

  • C&D/C&I Resource Recovery Upgrade

    Wales, UK

  • Resource Recovery Facility

    Adelaide, Australia

  • PEF/SRF Production Plant

    Sydney, Australia

  • Mobile Tyre-shredding plant

    Melbourne, Australia

  • Fines Seperation Upgrade

    Adelaide, Australia

  • C&D/C&I Rescource Recovery Plant

    NSW, Australia

General Engineering Design Projects Completed by OGTEC

3D CAD Capabilities

Our industry Proven Design Capabilities come from our extensive experience in various engineering industries. All drawings conform with CE Certification, and to the highest production standards. Product Development Management (PDM) plays a key role in all of our successfully delivered Design Projects and we present clear, concise and economically beneficial design philosophies.


    Mechanical 3D Design:                                                               PTC Creo 2/3FEA BEAM

    Finite Element Analysis(Load testing and Simulation):         PTC Creo 3 Mechanica

    2-Dimensional Design (Process layout drawings) :                AutoCAD 2013

    Drafting/Shop Fabrication Drawings:                                       PTC Creo 2/3

    Rendering:                                                                                     PTC Creo 2/3


    CAD iMac Render
    Planning drawing iMacIndustrial Plant Design and Development

    Machine Design

    New Product Development

    Plant Integration

    Concept Development

    Planning/Site Layout Drawings


    To consistently deliver timely, efficient and practical solutions. We are a solution provider and focus on your markets/financial income streams as the main goal driver.

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