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Engineering Solutions

OGTEC provide turn key solutions to the Resource Recovery Sector for materials separation and derived fuels. By working with clients to build strong business cases, we ensure the formulation of clear and effective solutions at an early design stage.

Rescource Recovery

We will help you to realize any Material Recovery Facility. From business planning to project locations, picking cabins to high value plants and from process flows to 3D design, we strive to ensure fully functioning processes delivered in a timely manner.

Sustainable Process Development

At OGTEC, we aim to provide the most economically viable solutions taking inspiration from our vast experiences. We bring vast practical experience in mechanical systems, process flows, and environmental policies.

Project Management

Our team’s skill sets have been professionally developed, are asset orientated and we take a proactive approach to meeting your every requirement. We manage full projects including sub-contractors, procurement, installations and project scheduling.

Our Services

Resource Recovery and Alternative fuels

With ever increasing mandates for ‘cleaner’ energies and lower carbon footprints, recycling technologies play a key role in a greener more sustainable future.

    • Material Recycling Facilities are designed ultimately to separate various fractions of waste streams. Most separated fractions form saleable products and the residual waste sent to landfill can be reduced to up to 90% by volume presenting clear financial and environmental advantages.
    • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF/SRF/PEF) plants are utilised to convert combustible fractions from Commercial, Industrial and household waste into a product which is used as a recycled fuel, an alternative to fossil fuels.
    • Tyre Derived Fuels -Tires can be reused in many ways, although most used tires are burnt for their fuel value. In the US alone, tires for both (“recycling and beneficial use”) existed for 80% of scrap tires, about 233 million tires per year.


OGTEC’s Mobile Tyre Shredding plant wins, 

Australia Bulk Handling’s Environmental Project of the Year ’15

Internationally recognised

OGTEC have completed various projects around the globe. With this experience comes professional recognition as industry leaders. Quality of products and plants are our main goal and we achieve this through innovative engineering design adhering to latest EuroCodes and Australian Standards.

OGTEC have delivered in many cases full turn-key plant solutions for C&D, C&I, MSW and RDF/PEF resource recovery in Ireland, UK, Malaysia, UAE and Australia.

What others say about us

“We were impressed with OGTEC’s practical and professional approach to the design of the plant and management of the build. We have also worked with them to develop and build our plant in Freemantle (Perth, WA) and we could not recommend them more highly. OGTEC’s attention to detail has proven invaluable to ensure that each project has performed over and above our expectations.” Full Testamonial can be read here

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Aristos KaraviasBusiness Improvement ManagerTyreCycle - Collection and Processing of used tyres

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